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The Educar DPaschoal Foundation , non profit organization that is part of DPaschoal Group (which includes the DPaschoal, DPK, AutoZ Portal , Rede AutoZ, MaxxiTraining , Daterra Coffee , Unimóvel and Techno Park) , was found in 1989 with the dream of promoting civic education as a strategy for social and economic development of Brazil.

The Foundation develops this activity through three main projects: Leia Comigo!, Academia Educar, and Trote da Cidadania.

Academia Educar, the first project of the foundation, is a one year program whereby youth are responsible for the development of social projects for other youth.

Trote da Cidadania, a project implemented at universities, aims to promote socially responsible practices among future leaders by preventing violent treatment against incoming freshmen.

Through the Leia Comigo! (Read with Me!) program, the foundation has edited more than 37 million children books that are distributed to public schools, social organizations and libraries free of charge.